Colorful Cabin Cheers!

Who will be the week seven winner of our 2014 IGC Camp in Color competition? Campers are proudly representing their colors, cheering as loudly as they can and supporting their fellow cabin mates for tonight’s Colorful Cabin Cheers!

Our crowd is a sea of colors tonight! Each cabin prepares and performs a special cheer about this week’s theme to show off to our audience and panel of celebrity judges, 2000 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist, Jamie Dantzscher and 2008 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist, Justin Spring!

From yellow to blue, green, pink and yellow…our campers are coming up with cleverly colorful cheers! Not only did our campers incorporate color into their cheers, but they also cheered for IGC’s new program, Kount on Kindness! To learn more about making a difference with Kount on Kindness, joining the team and signing the pledge, please visit! Stay tuned to see a special preview of some of our favorite colorful Kount on Kindness cheers!

Our judges loved each and every one of tonight’s cheers, but there could only be one winner! Week seven started off with an honorable mention to the ladies of cabin one. In third place, we have the boys of cabin 12 representing team pink! Check out cabin 12’s cheer on the IGC Facebook page! In second place, the girls of cabin 8 going for team green; and our week seven cabin cheer winners are…the girls of cabin 8A also representing team pink!

After tonight’s cheers, campers get together to play a few Get To Know You Games on the stage field, dance gym and llama field! Once we’ve made some friends outside of our cabins, it’s time to hit the cabin for social hour! It’s almost time for our week seven campers to head back their cabins and recharge for another awesome day at IGC!

That’s a wrap on day one!

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Welcome Week Seven!

Are you ready for another wonderful week at IGC? Check in is under way and week seven is all about going crazy with color! Pink, green, blue, orange and yellow – each cabin will receive a special color and gain cabin points throughout the week! The color with the most points at the end of the week will receive a special surprise! Start racking up those points campers! Let’s get colorful!

But first – we hope our parents and campers get a chance to tour the beautiful IGC campus, meet counselors and staff and grab a quick bite to eat in IGC’s canteen! Don’t forget to check out our large selection of IGC merchandise in the boutique!

Did you know our amazing staff of IGC photographers take photos of your camper’s IGC experience all week? Take a look at the daily photos on the IGC website or by clicking here! Please refer to the “Week Seven Check in Email” for details.

You might also notice that our IGC staff members are proudly sporting their Kount on Kindness Ambassador shirts today! We’re so excited to celebrate the new Kount on Kindness program, and overall  theme of summer 2014, to spread positivity inside and outside of the gym! We’ll also be incorporating Kount on Kindness into all areas of camp, so make sure you stay tuned to see what KINDs of creative ideas our campers can come up with! Join the IGC team by signing the pledge and making a difference at!

We’re also welcoming some awesome celebrity guests at IGC this week:

Jamie Dantzscher: 2000 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist; 1999 World Team Member

Justin Spring: 2008 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist; 2005 World Championship Team Member; University of Illinois Head Coach; Former IGC camper

Here we go, week seven!

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Under the Sea Week Six Staff Exhibition!

This week our week six campers went under the sea on an incredible IGC adventure to Atlantis! We’ve learned new skills and made new friends to create the best camp experience we’ll never forget – and it’s not over yet! At IGC, we like to end each week with a bang and that means watching our incredible IGC gym staff in action during the Friday night Staff Exhibition in the Olympic Gym!

Tonight’s staff ex kicked off with an awesome dance routine that took our campers straight out of the water and onto dry land! Everyone loved seeing week six ‘Surfing USA,’ swimming the backstroke and heading straight to the beach! Awesome job, guys!

Our camper’s wet and wild dance routine even inspired our gym staff to invite the IGC merman to staff ex! It’s always fun to watch the incredibly talented members of IGC’s gym staff put on a great performance for campers and have a blast doing it. From single rail to high bar, rod floor to pommels – our staff always keep the crowd entertained! We love when our celebrities take part in the action with Andy Smith training his first pommel routine since the 2013 World Championships! Jesse Silverstein also wowed the audience with some incredible dismounts on the parallel bars!

IGC’s action-packed staff exhibition is just one of the things that set us apart from the rest. We truly are an international environment with tons of campers and staff traveling far and wide to be with us each and every week. This week we welcomed guests from 15 different countries including: Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Lithuania, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and of course…the USA!

Thank you so much to all of those who could join us for another awesome week at IGC! We hope to see all of you in 2015!

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Week Six Award Winners!

Here at IGC we love welcoming new campers as well as celebrating those campers and staff who have returned year after year! For their love and dedication to IGC for five years or more, those Five-Year Campers and Staff receive custom IGC sweatshirts for their years of support. Thank you so much guys! We couldn’t do it without you!

We also like to praise those campers who put forth extra enthusiasm and commitment inside the gym as our Most Dedicated Campers. Those campers receive special plaques for all of their hard work and passion to improve. Congratulations week six!

The Kount on Kindness Award is new for 2014, but quickly becoming a favorite! Congratulations to those week six campers who received a special Kount on Kindness certificate for upholding the ideals of Kount on Kindness program: to create a workout environment where everyone feels safe and accepted for a mutual sense of belonging, to celebrate team diversity, and to support a place where gymnastics students, parents and coaches work in harmony to promote kindness! Join IGC and the Kount on Kindness movement by going online to and signing the pledge. Join the team, sign the pledge and make a difference!

And finally, it’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for – Cabin of the Week! Who will be our week six winner? It was a close call, but we’ve got the results! In third place with 73 points, cabin 19; in second place with 102 points, the boys of cabin 9; and the Cabin of the Week winner is…the ladies of cabin 20 who have dominated all week ending with a total of 127 points! Awesome job!

We’ll see you all in 2015!

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Under the Sea Disco!

Plenty to see and do around IGC tonight!

Thursday night is all about hitting the canteen dance floor for the camper disco! Luckily,  we’ve had celebrity guest, Sean Golden teaching our campers to ‘Wobble’ and ‘Cupid Shuffle’ all week long! Our campers have had a great time learning a few of our favorite moves, and now it’s time to show off some of their own!

Campers are also hyped to grab their copy of “The Pit” Gymnastics Activity Book for our week six celebrities to autograph during the dance! Check out all the fun gymnastics games, facts, trivia and more inside The Gymnastics Activity Book on!

After dancing the night away, grabbing an autograph and a quick snack from the canteen, our campers can challenge friends to a game of GaGa or volleyball! The Bear’s Den is  the best spot for open mic karaoke or catch up with some friends on the stage field! The favorite social hour spot for campers might be the new fire pit in the courtyard! A great place to grab a guitar and jam out with campers and counselors before lights out! Check out IGC’s Instagram page (@internationalgymcamp) for a sneak peek video!

Until tomorrow, IGC fans!

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Week Six Under the Sea Skits

Happy hump day to all of our IGC parents and campers! It’s been another exciting day here at IGC week six! This morning our campers and staff got off to a great start with a little extra shut eye for Wednesday’s sleep-in, cabin photos with the week six celebrities and a delicious brunch in the cafeteria! Don’t forget to view your camper’s cabin and individual photos online by clicking here!

Cabin photos gave our Journey to Atlantis campers the perfect opportunity to prepare for tonight’ extra special evening activity…Under the Sea Skits in the Olympic Gym! Each cabin got together to SEA what ideas they could come up with to show off to fellow campers and celebrity judges!

Finding Nemo was a favorite among tonight’s skits, as were dancing penguins and mermaids, but we also saw tons of our IGC 2014 Kount on Kindness theme come to life! We love seeing our campers get involved in making a difference and being kind to one another both inside and outside of the gym. You can get involved, too! Go online to to join the movement and sign the pledge like our IGC camper and staff!

Our celebrity judges, Sean Golden, Jesse Silverstein, Andy Smith, Jamie Dantzscher, Brittnee Habbib and Lisa Mason were put to the test when deciding tonight’s winners! Some of our cabins even joined forces to perform an extra awesome skit! And our winners are…in third place, the boys of cabins 10, 11 and 12, who dazzled the crowd as Kount on Kindnes superheroes; in second place, we have a tie between the conjoined cabins 23 and 25 and cabin 27; and finally our week six skit winners are…cabin 20, keeping the week six number one spot with their Mean Girls mermaid and Kount on Kindness creativity! Congrats to all of our winners! Awesome job!

With week six skits a wrap, Sean Golden had a surprise up his sleeve for campers! Sean loves to see our IGC campers have as much fun as possible, and what better way than to start up a ‘Wobble’ dance-off between the boys and the girls! A great ending to an awesome Wednesday!

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Week Six Handstand, Strength and Flexibility!

All aboard! We’re going under the sea for tonight’s ‘Journey to Atlantis’ Handstand, Strength and Flexibility contest on the stage field! It’s time to put your hands together for your fellow campers and counselors in the fight to see who’s got the strongest strength, flexibility and handstand skills!

Let’s see what our week six campers have got! Each cabin is put to the test as one camper is chosen to represent them in each of the three contests. In round one, campers put their best foot forward in the flexibility contest where contestants are asked to perform a set of flexibility skills: left, right and middle splits down to pancake, bridge, left and right leg needle scale and a Y-scale. This week’s celebrity judges, Andy Smith, Brittnee Habbib, Lisa Mason, Jesse Silverstein and Sean Golden narrowed down our contestants to a group of flexible finalists: cabins 4, 6, 15, 17, 20, 24, 10, and 9. Who is our most flexible week six camper? Give a round of applause to Ella from cabin 6!

Next up, it’s time to see who can hold the strongest L-seat! There’s only one rule in the strength competition – only your hands may be touching the ground! Our campers cheer on their cabin mates as loud as they can while our contestants battle it out to see who can hold their L-seat the longest! Congrats to our week six winner, Maddie from cabin 21!

Last but not least, it’s the handstand competition! Our campers hit the stage field to see who can hold a handstand for the longest period of time (without walking or straddling). The perfect week six handstand goes to Bee from cabin 26!

Awesome job to all of our week 6 competitors!

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A Kind Q&A!

What would you ask our week six celebrities? They’ve gotten to know their fellow campers, cabin counselors and gym instructors! Tonight it’s time for all of our week six campers to gather on the stage field to get to know our celebrities, Andy Smith, Sean Golden, Jesse Silverstein, Jamie Dantzscher, Brittnee Habbib and Lisa Mason!

Have you heard of IGC’s new Kount on Kindness program? Kount on Kindness encourages gymnasts, coaches and parents to sign the KOK pledge to create a supportive and positive workout environment. Cabins 8 and 24 wanted to know why our celebrities think it’s important to be kind to each other inside and outside of the gym. “The Kount on Kindness movement is all about creating a positive atmosphere to get the most out of your training,” said Andy. “Everybody can benefit from it.” Jesse agreed with Andy adding that it’s also important for coaches to be kind. “It’s important for your teammates and coaches to support you and be there for you so you always get the most out of your training,” said Jesse. Even Jamie is a big fan of being kind inside and outside of the gym.”Gymnastics is one of the hardest sports out there and the more support we have around us, the better we are as athletes,” said Jamie.

Cabin 8B wanted to know who inspired our week six celebrities when they were starting out in the sport. Lisa Mason, Brittnee Habbib and Andy Smith literally all “looked up” to gymnasts who were considered tall for the sport of gymnastics. Lisa Mason loved watching IGC veteran and three-time Olympic Gold medalist, Svetlana Boguinskaia because growing up she was the only taller gymnast she felt she could relate to. For the same reason, Brittnee enjoyed watching two-time Olympic Gold medalist, Svetlana Khorkina on bars and floor. Andy was awed by 12-time Russian Olympic medalist, Alexei Nemov compete on the floor.

Cabins 17 and 18 went for silly and won the crowd over wondering if our celebrities could fill a swimming pool with anything…what would it be? Andy quickly answered with Cocoa Puffs and milk and Lisa didn’t take any time by telling the crowd, “Jello!” Brittnee opted for a pool full of chocolate while Jamie would rather Sour Patch Kids. Sean’s answer was definitely a crowd pleaser earning a thumbs-up from our week six campers! “I would have to fill my swimming pool with something I can count on,” said Sean. “That’s why I would fill my pool with kindness.”

There you have it! Kindness always kounts! To join IGC in the Kount on Kindness movement, go to to sign the pledge!

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Under the Sea Cabin Cheers!

With Sunday’s gym screening in the Olympic Gym and a delicious spaghetti dinner under our belts, day one of week six at IGC continues! Tonight we’re going under the sea for the incredible ‘Journey to Atlantis’ cabin cheers! What will our campers and counselors come up with?

Cabins 1 through 27 were all about excitement and splash on the stage field! Each cabin prepares and performs a special cheer about this week’s Journey to Atlantis theme to show off to the crowd. Whether it was Little Mermaid, SpongeBob Squarepants or pulling out the prop fishing poles, our campers kept the judges laughing all night long!  Our celebrity judges, Andy Smith, Sean Golden, Jesse Silverstein, Jamie Dantzscher, Britnee Habbib and Lisa Mason had a difficult time narrowing it down to just one winner!

After some debate, our judges were ready to announce our winners…in third place, a tie between cabins 8 and 23; in second place, the boys of cabin 9; and in first place…cabin 20! Congratulations to our winners, great job!

Tomorrow marks the first day of week six hitting the gyms! Stay tuned, we’re ready for an awesome week!

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Welcome IGC Week Six!

It’s been another busy day here at IGC! Today, we welcomed our week six ‘Journey to Atlantis’ parents and campers for some wet and wild fun! This week campers will take the plunge into several different cabin challenges in an effort to win points that will lead them to the mystical land of Atlantis!

But first – we hope our parents and campers got a chance to meet their cabin counselors and coaches, check out the canteen, roam the beautiful IGC campus and grab a quick bite to eat! Throughout the week our amazing staff of photographers take photos of your IGC’s “Journey to Gymnastics” IGC experience. Take a look at the daily photos on the IGC website or by clicking here. Please refer to the ‘Week Six Check in Email’ for the password.

Following check in, campers just had their very first cabin meeting to get to know their new cabin mates and are currently down in the Olympic Gym for Sunday screening. Both girls and boys are asked to perform skills on several different events to determine their level. Campers are placed into groups by height and skill level. When gym screening is a wrap campers and staff can’t wait to get to the caf for a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs! Following dinner, our campers and staff will hit the stage field to practice for tonight’s evening activity - cabin cheers!

We’re also welcoming some pretty awesome professional athletes to IGC this week!

We’re super stoked to have returning week five celebs

Andy Smith: PGC Team World Athlete; 2013 World Championship Individual Competitor

Sean Golden: 2005 Visa Championships Competitor; 2007 World Championships Competitor

Jesse Silverstein: Former IGC camper; Former U.S. National Team Member

Also joining us for week five is…

Jamie Dantzscher: 2000 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist; 1999 World Team Member

Brittnee Habbib: 2011 Evolution Competitor; 2006 World Championship Competitor; Five-Year Canadian National Team Member

Lisa Mason: 2013 PGC Athlete; 1998 Winner of the Cottbus Championships Floor Title; 2000 Olympic Team Member for Great Britain

We’re ready for another awesome week at IGC! Are you ready?  

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