Final Handstand, Strength & Flexibility Contest of 2014!

Happy Tie-dye Tuesday, ya’ll! After another great day in the gyms it was time for our cowboys and girls to unwind during Wild West rec time! Each day campers are called out to do cabin challenges all over the IGC campus! Campers earn cabin points for every challenge they participate in as a cabin, and winning challenges means extra points! At the end of the week all cabin points will be tallied and the winning cabin receives the Cabin of the Week title and a delicious pizza party in the canteen!

Today’s cabin challenge was all about the Saloon Sack Race down at the barn field. Campers that completed the sack race in the quickest time earned points for their cabin. What will tomorrow’s challenge hold? We’ll find out – but first it’s time for our final Handstand, Strength and Flexibility competition of summer 2014! Yeehaw!

Which of our campers can hold the strongest L-seat, the straightest handstand and the most flexible pose? Our week 10 judges will decide! On board for tonight we have celebrity guest, Maddy Curley from the hit gymnastics movie, “Stick It;” head counselor, Justin and IGC gym instructor, Michaela.

Each cabin chooses one cabin mate to represent them in each of the three contests. In the first round, each contestant is asked to perform a set of flexibility skills: left, right and middle splits down to a pancake, bridge, left and right needle scales and finally, a Y-scale. After narrowing it down to a list of finalists, campers took to the floor to show our judges a skill or routine that they’ve never seen before! It looks like week ten campers pulled out all the stops for our final competition! Coming in third place, it’s cabin 15; in second, cabin 12; and our final flexibility finalist of 2014 is…Emily from cabin 22!

Next up, it’s onto the strength round where our campers go head-to-head for the strongest L-seat! There’s only one rule in the strength competition – only your hands may touch the ground! Congrats to our final strength contest winner of 2014, Violet from cabin 1!

In the final round of our week 10 competition, campers take to the stage field for an all out handstand-off! It was a close call, and cabins 18 and 20 battled it out for the winning spot! In the end, it was Shaina from cabin 18 who was number one!

We can’t forget about our staff! Counselor, Danny from cabin 9 took the final staff handstand win! Because this is our last competition of 2014, we asked our gym instructors, who can really hold a handstand, to participate in a champion round! Congrats to returning champion, Stu!

That wraps up day three at IGC! Congrats to all of our final winners of 2014! Tomorrow our week ten campers will enjoy a light sleep-in and brunch!

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Week Ten Question and Answer Session!

We’ve had another amazing day here on the IGC range – Wild West week is in full gallop! Campers headed into their first gym rotations of the week and met their IGC gym instructors this morning. This week’s celebrities: Svetlana Boguinskaia, Sam Peszek and Nastia Liukin had a great time giving campers advice and helping our week ten gymnasts learn new skills in the gym! Now that campers have made new friends inside and outside of their cabins, it’s time to learn more about our celebrities! Giddyup, partners! It’s time for a Question and Answer Session on the stage field!

Every night at IGC, our awesome recreation director, Liam organizes camp-wide activities for all campers and counselors to enjoy! Tonight, campers gathered to ask our week ten celebrities any questions they had on their minds. What kinds of questions did our cowboys and cowgirls come up with?

What were our celebrities most important moments? Nastia will never forget making the 2008 Olympic Team and winning the All-Around Gold medal. Making the 2008 Silver Medal Olympic Team was memorable for Sam as well, but she found overcoming any fears on skills along the way to the Olympics was much more important. The legendary Svetlana Boguinskaia joked that she was just happy to have made three Olympic teams and stay at the elite level for 12 years (no big deal)!

What is something that our parents and campers may not find if they Googled our celebrities? We thought it was interesting that Svetlana actually competed with Nastia’s father and coach, Valeri Liukin on the same Olympic team for the Soviet Union in 1988.

Why is kindness important to our week ten celebrities?  Nastia and Sam agreed that gymnastics is all about giving it your all, but more importantly, respecting one another at all times. “Gymnastics is rewarding and fun, but there are days when you might not get that skill or routine perfectly,” said Nastia. “It’s great that you can rely on your friends and teammates to support you.” Sam added that it’s especially important to be kind to everyone at camp. You can learn more about IGC’s new Kount on Kindness program at! Join the Kount on Kindness team and sign the pledge!

That’s a wrap on day two!

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Final Cabin Cheers of 2014!

Howdy partners! It’s been an exciting day one here at IGC. Our week ten cowboys and cowgirls have made their way through gym screening and devoured a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs! Now it’s time to move onto tonight’s evening activity on the stage field – Wild West cabin cheers!

But first – IGC CEO, Brent Klaus and gym supervisor, Chelsea Lapent took the ALS ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. The ice bucket challenge has gone viral all over social media and calls for nominees to dump buckets of ice water on their heads and/or donate to the ALS Association within 24 hours. Brent and Chelsea took the challenge on the stage field tonight and nominated our week ten IGC campers and staff to participate! We can’t wait to see what will happen next…

To kick off tonight’s festivities, a few of our IGC gym staff members from the Netherlands performed a very special Wild West Kount on Kindness cheer! Thanks, guys!

Our campers were ready to face off in tonight’s cabin cheers! Who will be our week 10 winner? Campers and counselors hurried to the stage field in their favorite cowboy hats and flannel shirts! Many of cabins also brought along some awesome props to tell their cabin tale. Tonight’s judges, 2013 PGC Team USA Coach and 2008 Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist, Nastia Liukin; 2008 Olympic Team Silver Medalist, Samantha Peszek; and 2013 PGC Team World Coach and three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Svetlana Boguinskaia will be choosing the best of the best!

Tonight’s judges loved each and every one of our Wild West cheers, but it’s time to narrow down our winners! Our judges gave an honorable mention to cabin 23, earning some extra creativity points by getting everybody up on their feet dancing to ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ on the stage field! Taking third place for week ten is cabin 7; in second place, cabins 16 and 17; and our final cabin cheer winners of 2014 are…cabins 8 and 9! It’s a tie! Congratulations to all of our winners!

After cabin cheers, campers headed to the canteen for autographs with Nastia, Samantha and Svetlana!

That’s a wrap on day one!

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Welcome Week 10!

Howdy partners! Are you ready to hit the wild, wild west? We hope our week 10 campers came prepared to ride off into the IGC sunset! Grab your cowboy hats and lassos! It’s time to check in! Giddy up!

During check in, parents and campers are encouraged to tour the beautiful IGC campus, meet our awesome counselors and staff and grab a quick bite to eat in IGC’s canteen! Don’t forget to check out the large selection of IGC merchandise in the boutique!

Did you know that our amazing staff of IGC photographers takes photos of your camper’s IGC experience all week? Take a look at the daily photos on the IGC website or by clicking here! Please refer to the “Week Ten Check in Email” for details.

You might also notice that our IGC staff members are proudly sporting their Kount on Kindness Ambassador shirts today! We’re so excited to celebrate the new Kount on Kindness program, and overall theme of summer 2014, to spread positivity inside and outside of the gym! We’ll also be incorporating Kount on Kindness into all areas of camp, so make sure you stay tuned to see what KINDs of creative ideas our campers can come up with! Join the IGC team by signing the pledge and making a difference at!

We’re also welcoming a number of IGC celebrities to wild, wild west week:

  • Nastia Liukin: 2013 PGC Team USA Coach; 2008 Olympic All Around Gold, Silver Team, Bars, Beam and Bronze Floor Medalist; 4-time Gold, 5-time Silver World Championship Medalist
  • Samantha Peszek: 2008 Beijing Olympic Team Silver; 2007 World Championships Team Gold; 2011 NCAA Beam Champion
  • Svetlana Boguinskaia: 2013 PGC Coach; 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist; 7-time World Champion
  • Maddy Curley: Starred in the movie ‘Stick It’; NCAA gymnast for the University of North Carolina
  • Tarah Paige: Starred in the movie ‘Stick It’; gymnastics coordinator for popular gymnastics television show, ‘Make it or Break it’

Get ready for another fun-filled week with IGC!

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Wrapping up Week Nine!

It’s been a wonderful week full of magic and fairytales here at IGC! From cabin challenges to exciting evening activities and a few special events for staff members – we’re wrapping up week nine with a happily ever after!

This week’s Once Upon a Time cabin challenges had campers jogging their magical imagination! From dressing up counselors as their favorite fairy tale princesses to completing mini challenges around the IGC campus in the Amazing Once Upon a Time Race! Cabins have been working hard and having fun racking up those cabin points to win a delicious pizza party in the canteen. Congratulations to our week nine winners, cabin 25!

Last night our staff put on a very special staff exhibition with some extra special events in store! First things first – some of our week nine campers perform a dance every Friday according to the weekly theme with the help of dance instructors, Ashley and Charlotte! Ashley and campers, Olivia and Hannah also charmed our week nine crowd with a special dance performance to Colby Caillat’s “Try.” Australian National Team Member and IGC gym instructor, Nikky also showed off her floor routine to campers! Great job, guys!

Our IGC gym staff members have a great time teaching our campers new skills in the gym each and every day, but on Friday night our gym staff have the opportunity to show off some of their biggest skills! From Geingers to Double Arabians and Giants on the high bar from Bruno Klaus himself – IGC’s gym staff always puts an on an incredibly exciting show for campers! Even a few of our week nine celebrities, Susan Jackson, Svetlana Boguinskaia and Jana Beiger took part in the action showing off some cartwheels and front aerials.

One more surprise for week nine – presenting IGC owners, Bruno and Cheryl Klaus with a very special anniversary card signed by all of our 2014 staff members. Happy 49th anniversary to the original pitter patter couple!

This week’s staff exhibition wrapped up with our 2014 PCD graduation! To learn more about IGC’s Professional Coaching Diploma program, check out last night’s blog!

We’ll be sad to see our week nine Once Upon a Time campers head home, but tomorrow brings another wonderful session! The IGC summer is winding down with week 10 in the Wild West!

We hope to see you all in 2015!

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2014 PCD Graduation!

Our incredible IGC coaching staff works hard each and every day, inside and outside of the gyms, to be the very best gymnastics instructors they can be! Why are IGC’s gym instructors some of the best in the world? Because they learn from the best!

IGC’s Professional Coaches Diploma Program was created and developed by IGC CEO, Brent Klaus for those looking to improve their coaching skills. Gymnastics instructors from all over the world attend IGC every year to learn and grow from our intensive PCD program.

The IGC coaches who graduated from the Professional Coaches Diploma Program have spent countless hours in the gym, training, listening to important lectures, making lesson plans for campers, improving spotting skills and discussing techniques. They’ve learned to teach each and every gymnast that walks through IGC’s gym doors. That’s what makes IGC’s gym coaches some of the best and brightest in the world!

For their dedication and commitment to IGC and our campers in 2014, our gym staff is recognized by earning a diploma given to them by Brent Klaus; Safety Coordinator, Phil Frank; Gym Director, Constantin Petrescu; Olympic Gymnast and Coach, Abie Grossfeld; and long-time staff member and PCD graduate, Ryan Mears.

The PCD program ranges from levels one through five. Congratulations to our all of our graduating IGC summer 2014 gymnastics instructors who are truly amazing at what they do!

See you in summer 2015!


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Congrats to our Week Nine Award Winners!

Here at IGC we love welcoming new campers as well as celebrating those campers and staff who have returned year after year! For their love and dedication to IGC for five years or more, those Five-Year Campers and Staff receive custom IGC sweatshirts for their years of support. Thank you so much guys! We couldn’t do it without you!

We also like to praise those campers who put forth extra enthusiasm and commitment inside the gym as our Most Dedicated Campers. Those campers receive special plaques for all of their hard work and passion to improve. Congratulations week nine!

The Kount on Kindness Award is new for 2014, but quickly becoming a favorite! Congratulations to those week nine campers who received a special Kount on Kindness certificate for upholding the ideals of Kount on Kindness program: to create a workout environment where everyone feels safe and accepted for a mutual sense of belonging, to celebrate team diversity, and to support a place where gymnastics students, parents and coaches work in harmony to promote kindness! Join IGC and the Kount on Kindness movement by going online to and signing the pledge. Join the team, sign the pledge and make a difference!

And finally, it’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for – Cabin of the Week! Who will be our week nine winner? It was a close call, but we’ve got the results! In third place with 110 points, cabin 7; in second place with 195 points, cabin 4; and taking the week nine Cabin of the Week win with a whopping 213 points is…cabin 25! Congratulations ladies!

Thanks for another great week! We’ll see you all in 2015!

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Once Upon a Time Disco!

Once upon a time, in a gymnastics kingdom far away, a group of week nine campers balanced on beams and flipped on the floor. With grins from ear to ear, they trained in the gyms all day and chilled with friends all night. Suddenly, something amazing happened! The IGC fairy appeared and declared it time for the ‘Once Upon A Time’ disco in the canteen! With a flick of her magic IGC wand the fairy turned a block of chalk into a carriage and Tiger and Tugger into two strong horses! Campers eagerly entered the canteen in their glass slippers, ready to dance the evening away until the stroke of 10 p.m., when it came time to recharge once again.

Campers are having an awesome time in the canteen for tonight’s Once Upon a Time disco! Campers and counselors have even come dressed in their best prince and princess gear! It’s time to grab a tiara and get on the dance floor for some of our camp favorites like Justin Bieber, the Spice Girls and One Direction!

It’s time to find out which cabins are leading the way in this week’s race to Cabin of the Week! Which of our cabins will win a delicious pizza and soda party in the canteen following Friday night’s evening activity? We’ll have to wait and see, but on the week nine leader board we have cabin 25 in first place with cabins 4 and 9 following close behind! It’s going to be a close call!

This week’s celebrities, Susan Jackson, Svetlana Boguinskaia, Blaine Wilson and Jana Bieger are joining the party too, signing autographs and handing out “The Pit” Gymnastics Activity Book to everyone! Don’t forget to check out what’s inside the Gymnastics Activity Book line at

If our campers are looking for a tasty snack, the canteen is open for business! If singing is more our camper’s style ― the Bear’s Den is the place to be! The stage field or courtyard fire pits are the perfect spots for campers looking for a place to chill with friends.

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!

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Fairy Tale Skits!

What happens when you combine a little bit of magic and fairy tales with International Gymnastics Camp? Our Wednesday night ‘Once Upon a Time’ story performances!

Campers and counselors put their heads together to come up with the best IGC fairy tales to perform in front of our audience in the Olympic Gym. Some of our cabins like 6 and 7 and the boys from cabins 9, 10, 11 and 12 even joined forces to put together one massively awesome skit!

It was up to our week nine celebrity judges, Susan, Jana, Blaine and Svetlana to decide which of our fairy tale skits would get the crown. Our favorites were skits that had a Disney or fairytale theme with a funny IGC gymnastics twist! Before our judges decided our week nine winners, they had to give an honorable mention to Rebecca from cabin 20 for her hilarious comedic American Idol/beauty pageant routine.

Let’s hear it for our winners…it third place, cabin 17; it’s a tie for second place between cabins 23 and 25; and finally in first place…our joint performance by the boys of cabins 9, 10, 11 and 12! Congratulations to all of our week nine winners! You rocked it!

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A Fairytale Handstand, Strength and Flexibility Competition!

It’s a very merry Tie-dye Tuesday here at IGC! Today campers took to IGC’s five world-class gyms to tackle their weekly goals with coaches. After a great day in the gym, it was time to unwind with friends during rec and earn a few extra cabin points with this week’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ challenges. Our campers were also stoked to snap a few pictures with celebrities at this evening’s individual photo shoot in the courtyard on the way to dinner! The real challenge begins in the Olympic Gym with Tuesday night’s legendary Handstand, Strength and Flexibility competition!

Are you ready to find out which week nine camper holds the strongest L-seat, the straightest handstand, and the most flexible pose? We can’t wait! Each cabin chooses one cabin mate to represent them in each of the three contests. Our amazing panel of week nine celebrities, Susan, Blaine, Jana and Svetlana, are looking for those whose flexibility, handstand and strength stand out among the rest!

In the first round, each contestant is asked to perform a set of skills: Each contestant is asked to perform a set of very flexible skills: left, right and middle splits down to a pancake, bridge, left and right needle scales and finally, a Y-scale. After narrowing it down to a list of finalists, campers take the floor to show off a skill or routine that the judges have never seen before. It was a close call for week nine, but we have our winners! Coming in third, cabin 14; in second, cabin 8; and our first place flexibility winner is…cabin 26!

Next up, it’s onto the strength competition where contestants fight to hold the strongest L-seat! There’s only one rule in this strength contest – only your hands may touch the ground! It was a fight to the very finish while week nine campers cheered on their mates, but in the end it was Reese from cabin 14 who took the W in tonight’s strength competition!

In the final round, campers go head-to-head and toe-to-toe in a handstand battle! Who held the straightest handstand? Tonight our campers may have witnessed the longest handstand-off of summer 2014! It was a close and exciting call that came down to seconds! Congratulations to Kelly from cabin 21 who took home the win!

Tomorrow morning our campers will enjoy a light sleep-in, brunch and cabin photos with our week nine celebrities! Parents can view individual and cabin photos uploaded daily on the IGC website daily. See you tomorrow!

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