October 1, 2019

5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children with Gymnastics

Supporting your child in gymnastics goes a long way and there’s plenty you can do to help make your child a successful gymnast.  Dropping your child off at class/practice on time, well rested and well fed is a great start to helping your child succeed.

#1.  Understand That Mistakes Do Happen 

Mistakes are part of life, and while children need to make mistakes to grow, this holds true even for gymnastics.  Gymnastics is an incredibly difficult and complex sport.  In classes, training and competition missteps while learning will happen.  Always be encouraging for your child to stick with it.

#2.   Never Compare Your Children to Other Gymnasts

In sports, life and gymnastics, it is easy to compare yourself to others.  Help your child to learn that every gymnast moves at their own pace. Remind your child to keep working hard for themselves.  Don’t compare your child to others.  There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon — they shine when it’s their time! 

#3.  Encourage Goals but Don’t Make it All About Being #1 

Setting realistic and attainable goals with your child will make them feel empowered and boost their self confidence when these goals are achieved.  Gymnastics goals are like any other goals — set them high and work hard for them.

#4.  Don’t Let Your Kids Give Up Easily 

Hopefully your child learns to love gymnastics forever.  Gymnastics can be a difficult sport and can be more challenging than anticipated, especially for a beginning gymnast and family.  Help your child to learn about perseverance, especially when just starting gymnastics.

#5.  Trust the Coaches

Gymnastics coaches are the paid professionals to teach your child this intricate and amazing sport.  Teach your child that trusting the coach is a process.  Parents can help foster this process by staying in the gym and watching their child.  Parents can also help this process by continually communicating with their children to learn if they are in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.  Above all as a parent trust your instincts.