For Coaches Sending Gymnasts to Camp

What We Hope Every Gymnast Takes Away From IGC

  • A renewed love for the sport of gymnastics
  • A fresh perspective from training alongside other dedicated gymnasts from all over the world
  • An increased understanding of technique and progressions for the skills at their level
  • Inspiration and motivation from Olympic, World Championships, and NCAA coaches and athletes
  • Exposure to drills on equipment and stations not necessarily available in many gyms
  • And hopefully even a “eureka” moment, like hearing that same correction for the one “millionth” time but from a new voice so it finally clicks, or gaining the confidence to work through a mental block, or finding the internal motivation to make that one skill that’s been in the works for so long!

Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe in teaching gymnastics in a positive, safe, and progressive manner. We do not want to create a false sense of accomplishment by putting kids through skills that are not developmentally appropriate for their ability.

We Actively Want Your Input!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all about your gymnasts’ time at camp, if there are any skills that you specifically want your gymnast to work towards*, or if there are any skills that you do not want your gymnast doing.

Also, we encourage you to communicate with your gymnasts, even if we already have the information from you. This is a great chance for your gymnast to practice communicating with our staff, and it gives them an extra sense of ownership over their training here at camp.

*Note – For safety reasons, we may or may not get to the ultimate skill in question. Regardless, rest assured that we will have worked on foundation pieces, drills, and lead up skills as well.