SUMMER 2021!

camp directors lined up in front of the main fountain

Hello Camp Families,  
When we started International Gymnastics Camp in 1971, we had a simple goal and that was to unite the gymnastics world by coming together in an environment that is safe, kind, healthy and fun. Nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains this now 50-year legacy has seen more than 150,000 campers and staff from over 60 countries! Every camper who has walked through the gates of IGC has brought their own camp magic spirit which has touched the hearts of their fellow campers, staff and certainly our family.  
This summer would have been no different, another season we get to share our commitment of providing a kind, healthy & safe environment for all our campers in all aspects of camp life… creating programs across the board which are built on the foundation of enriching every camper’s love for gymnastics, developing social skills, making life-long friendships, enhancing teamwork skills, gaining independence and making camp magic memories that last a lifetime. 
It is fair to say we could never have anticipated the grim impact that COVID-19 would have on this summer and the re-shaping of our season. We have made the incredibly tough decision to cancel this IGC summer. We appreciate your patience, kindness and camp magic spirit that allowed us to strive to be open until the very last moments! However, there are simply too many variables this season as more information is made readily available.  
As we navigated through the CDC Guidelines, the PA Guidelines and the ACA Guidelines, we remained hopeful we could make the summer safely work under the circumstances. However, as more information is brought to light, we feel the cabin living for our campers presents too much of a risk for transmission of COVID-19. The safety of our campers and staff will always be our top priority at IGC.  
We are delighted to see all the gyms reopening around the country. We know this is such welcomed news for a lot of our campers. Because we would be bringing so many gymnasts together from many different clubs, we cautiously note how this could exacerbate the COVID-19 situation and potentially contribute to spreading this unwanted virus into more clubs. 
We embraced this year’s challenges in the hope to bring another camp magic summer to you all and not opening this summer is simply heartbreaking and devastating. The kindness, the smiles, the laughter and joy you all bring to camp each season will be sorely missed this summer.  

We wish you the best for your summer and cannot wait to see you all back at IGC next season!  
Brent, Bruno and Cheryl Klaus