10 Benefits of Starting Gymnastics

  • BY: IGC
  • February 23, 2022

Watching gymnastics makes you wonder what the human body is really capable of. With some of the things you see from Olympic level gymnasts, it almost seems like there is no limit! Starting gymnastics as a child or as a teen has tons of great benefits, here are a few of the most notable: 

  1. Get Flexible
    Gymnastics requires flexibility, but even if you aren’t flexible now, that’s okay. Training exercises used in gymnastics are designed to help gradually improve flexibility and reduce your risk for a muscle pull or strain. 
  2. Finding Your Strength 
    Being in gymnastics takes an enormous amount of strength. Over time, you’ll notice yourself becoming considerable stronger. Through a variety of strength training exercises, and utilizing the beams, bars and vault, your legs, arms, and core will become much stronger. Additionally, you’ll find your posture improving! 
  3. Improve Coordination 
    Coordination is something that we use every time we walk, jump, or run. Gymnastics will help to improve your coordination as your balance and strength develops. Your body will adapt to different positions, even ones that may seem impossible. 
  4. Boost Self Confidence 
    Any form of exercise is proven to boost confidence in people of all ages and gymnastics is no exception! You’ll feel good knowing that you’re doing something good for your body. 
  5. Make New Friends
    You’ll never be the only gymnast in the gym and that means you’ll inevitably expand your friend  group. These peers will help encourage you as you learn new skills and you can do the same for them. Many gymnasts become lifelong friends and offer endless support during their gymnastics journey. 
  6. Achieve Goals 
    Setting goals is the best way to improve in gymnastics. You’ll be focused on achieving one thing and continue to work at it until you get it. Outside of the gym, that same focus and drive can be used to achieve academic or work goals. 
  7. Improve Performance Outside the Gym
    Supporting your peers, listening to instruction by someone more experienced than you, and having patience as you learn something new will all be used at work or school, regardless of your age. The discipline and determination you’ll learn at gymnastics will certainly influence your life outside of the gym.
  8. Prepare Yourself for Other Sports 
    Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things with gymnastics, you may decide you want to explore other sports. Luckily, your gymnastics training has already improved your strength and flexibility so you’re more physically prepared than ever. 
  9.  You’ll Have Fun
    Aside from the discipline and goal setting, gymnastics is just fun! You’ll have something to look forward to that challenges you and allows you to have fun all at the same time.

About Our Gymnastics Summer Camp

At International Gymnastics Camp, our mission is to provide gymnasts with a traditional summer experience while tailoring gymnastics plans to help campers achieve their goals. We focus on progressions and technique, allowing campers to receive the best training possible. 

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