Our Staff

Why Work at IGC

Join our 50 year leagcy of superhero staff who make it the best summer for our IGC campers!

Camp is an environment that propels personal growth in an atmosphere of kindness, safety and understanding of all. Great emphasis is placed upon your capability for critical thinking and being self-sufficient.

International Gymnastics Camp is looking for staff who are aspiring teachers, child psychologists, gymnastics coaches and anyone who has a passion for working with children! International Gymnastics Camp is committed to providing a kind, healthy & safe environment for all our campers in all aspects of camp life. Our programs across the board are built on the foundation of enriching every campers love for gymnastics, developing social skills, making life long friendships, enhancing teamwork skills, gaining independence and making camp magic memories that last a lifetime.

Whether you’re a first-year staff member who is coming to camp for the experience of a lifetime, a career professional looking for new challenges and learning opportunities, or a former camper whose dream is to make that jump to the IGC staff, we would like to welcome you to the IGC Family!

I am very grateful for choosing me to work in your camp. It was a wonderful experience, let me tell you that I have lived the best summer in my life thanks for everything from food, lodging, comfort. Thank you very much for everything, without you, I would not be the student or the person that I am today, I can begin to believe that this was the very important first step to begin with my path of new experiences, new friends and new job opportunities. I consider myself a person capable of doing what I propose.Raymundo, Mexico – IGC Work Crew