IGC Staff

Our Tradition. Our Excellence. Our History. Our Dedication. Our IGC Legacy.


International Gymnastics Camp is the longest accredited ACA gymnastics camp. Our staff are committed to providing a kind, healthy & safe environment for all our campers in all aspects of camp life. Our staff across the board are here to support and enrich every campers’ love for gymnastics, developing social skills, making life-long friendships, enhancing teamwork skills, gaining independence and making camp magic memories that last a lifetime.

Every member of our camp staff works to ensure our IGC campers have the best summer camp experience. All of our staff uphold our IGC standards of excellence and take pride in the responsibility of creating an environment that is kind, safe, dedicated to success, inclusive and consistent across all camp activities.

The safety, security and care for our campers is our #1 priority at IGC. All our staff are pre-screened and police background checked. And notably, all our staff at International Gymnastics Camp are also American Red Cross/First Aid certified.

Recognizing the distinction between what you do and why you do it is an essential element in your time here at IGC. At IGC we are proud to have over 20 different countries represented by our staff each Summer.

  • All of our staff are pre-screened and police background checked.
  • All of our staff are American Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Our campus is fully gated.
  • We are the longest certified gymnastics camp by the American Camp Association. A large part of that certification includes staffing requirements far above and beyond even the gymnastics industry requirements. To read more about our ACA accreditation, visit our Camp Accreditations page.

Gymnastics Coaches

At International Gymnastics Camp our coaches come from around the globe to teach our campers. We hire coaches who have experience in teaching recreational gymnastics, right through to elite and national team coaches. At IGC we look for coaches who will uphold our IGC coaching philosophies and values. Coaches at IGC work on progression based skill development and our IGC coaches teach in a kind, understanding and professional manner. Our coaching staff help our gymnasts learn by setting achievable goals and focus on technique and proper progressions – reinforcing and building on what each gymnast is working on at their home gym. No matter the skill, we know a better understanding of a swing on bars to a hurdle on floor will enable gymnasts to propel their skill achievement. Our coaches are devoted to helping our campers feel accomplished in each training session, articulate with their feedback, punctual and have a good understanding of class management and lesson planning. 


At IGC our counseling staff are invested and experienced in child development and committed to fostering an environment that allows every camper to feel like IGC is their home away from home. Our counseling staff oversee all aspects of camp life. At least two to three counselors live in the cabin with our campers, creating an inclusive, kind and fun atmosphere. At IGC our counselors are dedicated to ensuring our campers are supervised in all camp activities throughout the entire day. Counselors at IGC are confident, approachable, creative, organized, patient and charismatic.

counselors in a cabin with campers

Recreation Staff

Our recreation staff at International Gymnastics Camp add their passion, creativity and enthusiasm to create the best traditional Summer camp experience for our campers. Our IGC recreation counselors facilitate and design all our activities outside the gym that take place throughout the day. During recreation, every activity across camp has the potential to be worth cabin points. The rec counselors design a ‘challenge’ on every activity they’re stationed on for the week and are the true architects of the camp magic fun outside of the gyms. The cabin points accrued throughout the week contribute to ‘Cabin of the Week’. Cabin of the Week is a prestigious award that is won by the cabin that has collected the most points across all aspects of camp life. Points come from the cleanliness in the cabin, embracing the theme of the week, the challenges at each recreation activity every day, the Wednesday evening activity, Handstand + Strength & Flexibility Contest, pit fluff and the Cabin Challenge Photo. And best of all, the winners of Cabin of the Week get a pizza party in the canteen after social hour on Friday evening. The recreation program is designed to give every camp a traditional Summer camp experience. At IGC our recreation staff are enthusiastic, resourceful, imaginative and adaptive.

recreation leader crafting with campers

Dance Teachers

IGC’s dance teachers, just like our coaching staff focus on technique and proper progressions – reinforcing and building on what each gymnast is working on at their home gym. From ballet to jazz, contemporary to hip hop dance – our dance teaches create a fun and exciting dance lesson each camper participates in daily. Our dance teachers also prepare a dance that is performed at staff exhibition on Friday evenings, a true camper highlight! Our IGC dance teachers have an eagerness to share their passion for dance with our campers, have strong class management skills and can work well independently as well as in a team.

Ropes Course Staff

Scary Aerie – our IGC ropes course! This activity at camp is an absolute highlight for our IGC campers. Our certified ropes course instructors have a background and experience in ropes course instruction and are certified during our extensive staff training week. As a ropes course instructor at IGC, you will have a dedication to ensuring the safety of our campers on the ropes course, have clear communication skills and meticulous attention to detail.


From the pool to the lake, our IGC lifeguards are there to ensure our campers are supervised and safe in the water. Every IGC lifeguard is certified through the American Red Cross. Vigilant, attention to detail and clear communication skills are just a few of the fantastic attributes

Photography Staff

Photographers at IGC take on the task of capturing the IGC experience through hundreds of photos taken daily throughout the Summer. From training in the gyms to the fun of the recreation activities, as a photographer you capture these special moments that campers can cherish forever. Our photographers have a background in sports photography, working with digital cameras and have will have a passion to share our IGC camp magic fun through photos! As a photographer at IGC you’ll be flexible, reliable, pro-active and be a strong self-motivated individual.

Housekeeping & Site Maintenance Staff

At International Gymnastics Camp our housekeeping and site maintenance staff are tasked with ensuring our IGC campus is not only safe, clean and inviting but also an environment we all have pride in working at. If you are a skilled maintenance person, have a passion for cleaning or simply love ensuring the beauti of our IGC campus are up to the standards of excellence our IGC families expect, we’d love to add you to our IGC team! Your attention to detail and strong work ethics is essential to being successful in these job roles at IGC.

Camp Store Staff

The IGC canteen is home to all of our merchandise and delicious snacks in the Summer. The camp store staff are tasked with keeping an accurate inventory of all stock in the canteen, and be a friendly face to service our campers and the rest of our IGC family. We expect our camp store staff to responsible, organized, diligent and courteous.

Office Staff

Organized, punctual, friendly and efficient are just a few of the key qualities our IGC office staff exhibit when working at camp. Our IGC office is responsible for answering all incoming calls, emails and paperwork as well as many other tasks throughout the day. A fun and dynamic role that is essential to the smooth running of camp.

Health Center Staff

At IGC, our medical center is staffed 24/7 with Registered Nurses, Certified Athletic Trainers, and Student Athletic Trainers. We also have a physician on call at all times. All medications (Including supplements and vitamins) are securely stored in our Health Center, and our Registered Nurses are responsible for the dispensing of all medications.


Serving more than 1500 meals daily, our kitchen staff keep our entire campus fueled for all the fun and exciting activities we have daily. Under the direction of our chefs, campers and staff enjoy buffet-style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. From executive chefs to front of house staff, our kitchen team are motivated, dependable, creative and incredibly hardworking.

IGC Summer 2020 Staff Applications are Open! 

Whether you’re a first-year staff member who is coming to camp for the experience of a lifetime, a career professional looking for new challenges and learning opportunities, or a former camper whose dream is to make that jump to the IGC staff, we would like to welcome you to the IGC Family!

We look forward to adding your passion, integrity, positive attitude, creativity, kindness and eagerness to learn to our IGC Legacy, a 50 year legacy. Be Kind, Be Dedicated, Be Gymnastics. Be IGC.