IGC Staff

Our Tradition. Our Excellence. Our History. Our Dedication. Our IGC Legacy.




Bruno founded International Gymnastics Camp in 1971 with the foundation of sharing his love of the sport of gymnastics and uniting the gymnastics world in a kind, welcoming, fun and safe environment. Bruno has been in the sport of gymnastics for more than seven decades now, starting gymnastics with the New York Turnverein in the 1940s. Bruno continues to be at the heart of our camp magic spirit and we look forward to another great season with our IGC families!



Cheryl continues to be at the heart and soul of this incredibly camp legacy. Cheryl founded IGC in 1971 with Bruno and they have pioneered the way ever since with safety and kindness being at the forefront of all programming.

Cheryl Klaus smiling in front of the stage field



Brent continues this incredible family legacy, making IGC the only second-generation run gymnastics summer camp. Brent has founded numerous programs that contribute to making the sport of gymnastics are more safe and kind, these program include the Professional Coaching Development Program and the well-recognized Kount on Kindness program.

Brent with staff



Ginna joined our IGC family in 2019 & is our Office Manager! Morgan joined us in February 2022 & we are thrilled to have her on board! Ginna & Morgan both have a resolute work ethic & camp magic spirit! We greatly appreciate their dedication and loyalty to camp and making it the safest and best it can be!

IGC office staff, Ginna and Morgan smiling on the stage field

Visiting Coaches Program Coordinator


We are so grateful to have Geri at camp! Geri has been a part of the IGC family for decades. She has owned her own gym club in New Jersey and had various roles here at camp. Geri works as our coordinator for all coaching opportunities at IGC, from the IGCU Clinics, Visiting Coaches Clinics, Saturday Club Fundraiser Program & more! If you’re a gym club interested in coming to IGC in the summer, fall or spring, email Geri for more info!

Geri Johnston smiling in the office



It’s no secret that IGC has one of the best buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for the entire summer! And it’s thanks to this awesome duo, Dave and Kab! Both these two superstars have been a part of our IGC family for decades and it is a privilege to work with them!

IGC chefs Dave and Kab in the kitchen



Constantin has been a part of our IGC family since the 90s. Constantin is a former member of the Romanian Olympic Gymnastics Team and competed in the World Unversity Games and in the World Gymnastics Championships. He is a former Romanian National Gymnastics Team Coach and has coached thousands of gymnasts including four Olympic gymnasts. He is the Director of our Boy’s Gymnastics Program at IGC and a coach at International Gymnastics School during the fall, winter, and spring!

Constantin writing on his clipboard in the Olympic gym



Justin has been a part of the IGC family since the 90s. He has worked as a gymnastics coach, head counselor and in many other roles at camp. If you’re interested in working at IGC email Justin for more info!



Mihai Gheorghe has been a senior staff member here at International Gymnastics since 1996. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Mihai was a competitive gymnast for 20 years and was a three-time Romanian National Team Member. From 1992 – 1996, he was a Romanian Men’s international elite coach. In 1997, he coached Adrian Lanculescu to a 3rd place finish on Vault at the World Championships. Mihai is also a gym school coach at IGS during the fall, winter, and spring.

Mihai smiling in the canteen during check in



Phil is such a special part of our IGC family and has been for decades. He is our Safety Director and supervises the gymnastics training and staff training each summer. Phil is a National Gymnastics Safety Instructor in the USA Gymnastics University, Co-Director of the IGC Visiting Coaches Education Program, and Legal Consultant and Specialist in Gymnastics Safety on the national level.

Phil Frank Smiling



We are so thrilled to have Thomas C and Charlotte P return as our 2023 head counselors! Our head counselors have the integral role of helping to coordinate camp life outside of the gyms. From the cabin environment, recreation, evening activities, meal times, and everything in between, our HCs are there to support our counselors and campers. Charlotte and Thomas have continued their child development education over their years at IGC and work closely with all our directors and summer camp professionals over the season.

Thomas Callaghan & Charlotte Pearce

International Gymnastics Camp is the longest accredited ACA gymnastics camp. Our staff are committed to providing a kind, healthy & safe environment for all our campers in all aspects of camp life. Our staff across the board are here to support and enrich every campers’ love for gymnastics, developing social skills, making life-long friendships, enhancing teamwork skills, gaining independence and making camp magic memories that last a lifetime.

Every member of our camp staff works to ensure our IGC campers have the best summer camp experience. All of our staff uphold our IGC standards of excellence and take pride in the responsibility of creating an environment that is kind, safe, dedicated to success, inclusive and consistent across all camp activities.

The safety, security and care for our campers is our #1 priority at IGC. All our staff, full-time and seasonal are pre-screened and police background checked. And notably, all our staff at International Gymnastics Camp are also American Red Cross/First Aid certified.

Recognizing the distinction between what you do and why you do it is an essential element in your time here at IGC. At IGC we are proud to have over 20 different countries represented by our staff each Summer.

  • All of our staff are pre-screened and police background checked.
  • All of our staff are American Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Our campus is fully gated.
  • We are the longest certified gymnastics camp by the American Camp Association. A large part of that certification includes staffing requirements far above and beyond even the gymnastics industry requirements. To read more about our ACA accreditation, visit our Camp Accreditations page.