International Gymnastics Camp Mission Statement

  • BY: Brent
  • March 27, 2018
International Gymnastics Camp 47 Years of Excellence

Dear Parents

International Gymnastics Camp is and has always been on the cutting edge of innovation in gymnastics. This is particularly true when it comes to its most precious resource i.e., the kids in our sport. Not only is IGC internationally known as the top gymnastics training facility in the world, it remains steadfast in its fundamental mission of providing the kind of nurturing and care of its campers on a level equivalent to that of responsible parenting i.e., in loco parentis.

As a centerpiece to this mission, IGC will continue to support and facilitate its campers in building wholesome life skills while enjoying training experiences in gymnastics that are second to none. For example, IGC employs specialized techniques in its gymnastics teaching so that campers do not simply become gymnastics performers but also learn how to think, feel and evaluate their own abilities as well as how to effectively collaborate with coaches as an equal partner in the learning environment.

To insure the ongoing success of its mission, IGC has and will continue to provide extensive training to all its staff, particularly as it relates to any forms of potential abuse related to child care at camp and their gymnastics training. Furthermore, all IGC staff are trained on a regular basis to be aware of and sensitive to individual camper needs, including goal-setting, self-esteem, eating disorders, self-harm, allergies, medical needs, and safe training practices.

For example, the current recommendation that campers wear either shorts or leggings with leotards at training sessions is in keeping with IGC’s proactive mission to provide the safest possible training environment for its campers. Contrary to some social media allegations, this recommendation is not intended to somehow victimize or victim shame. Rather this practice insures a greater measure of comfort for many gymnasts.

Thank you for a lot of positive support and vocal negative feedback. We are softening our original policy from a requirement to a recommendation as we want all campers and parents to be comfortable and to ensure the wellbeing for all the gymnasts.

IGC will continue to lead and to help find ways to create a better environment for our wonderful sport of gymnastics…not only for today but for the next 50 years!