IGC Initiatives

Here is a little glimpse into the world of IGC and our initiatives beyond summer camp!

Kount on Kindness

Kount on Kindness is the international positivity program created here at IGC for clubs, gymnasts, coaches, parents, and fans of gymnastics. The goal is to help highlight and reinforce positivity within and to the benefit of the entire gymnastics community! In addition to teaching and reinforcing caring behavior in kids, we run four major Kount on Kindness campaigns each year to help recognize individuals and clubs for what they do and to give the entire gymnastics community opportunities to spread the kindness.

Kount on Kindness was originally created by IGC’s Director Brent Klaus, together with Dr. Chris Thurber, a board-certified clinical psychologist. The program is open to clubs as well as individuals, and we are delighted to now have gymnastics organizations on three continents participating. For more information and to sign-up, please visit our website.

International Sports Training Camp

International Sports Training Camp (ISTC) is the perfect answer for non-gymnast siblings and friends of IGC campers, who also want a fun, active overnight summer camp experience. ISTC offers several camp programs including a soccer camp, the popular all-sports program, and an adventure and leadership program for older teens.

This All Sports Camp is tailor-made for the spirited 8 to 16-year-old campers who want to spend their time playing traditional sports, learning new ones, and challenging themselves with extreme activities like banana boating, jet skiing and the treetop adventure course. This program is so jam-packed with activities that no two days are the same!

The IXTC program is a special program within ISTC, specifically for 15-17 year olds. It’s like a camp within a camp, combining the best of ISTC with a curriculum designed to build life skills – skills like teamwork, leadership, confidence, independence, and decision making. Owned and operated also by the Klaus family, ISTC offers the same high levels of quality and care that you expect from IGC. The weekly schedules are coordinated between IGC and ISTC to allow families to check-in and check-out from both camps without conflict. Visit ISTC’s website here.

Gymnastics Activity Book

IGC’s Gymnastics Activity Book is a free, quarterly magazine for gymnastics clubs and organizations. Our goal is to create lifelong gymnastics fans through fun and educational activities. Each issue features:

  • Gymnastics-themed games, puzzles, and coloring pages
  • Mini-Interviews and advice from the gymnastics stars of today
  • Upcoming event previews
  • Gymnastics history pages presented specifically for today’s generation of gymnasts
  • Regular educational features for parents and families of gymnasts.

To sign up your club or organization, please visit our Gymnastics Activity Book website.

Supporting Gymnastics at All Levels Around the World

We support gymnastics at every level – from local Level 3 State Competitions, to university club gymnastics, to the World Championships!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Each year, we sponsor over 100 local, state, and regional competitions for gymnasts competing in the USA Gymnastics, USAIGC, High School, JOGA, AAU, and YMCA programs.
  • We are proud to sponsor the National Association for Intercollegiate Gymnastics Club (NAIGC), the volunteer organization that serves as the governing body for college and university club teams in the United States. Thanks to NAIGC, there are now over 110 universities spread across 40 states with gymnastics clubs that offer men’s and women’s gymnastics opportunities for beginners through international competitors.
  • We sponsor major international competitions, including the 2013 World Championships in Belgium, the 2014 European Championships, 2016 World Cup in Bulgaria, & the 2017 World Championships in Montréal.
  • IGC has supported and continues to support athletes who are pushing the boundaries of our sport. For example, we are delighted to support 7-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina in her training and competitions as she continues in the sport of gymnastics.

Opening Our Doors to the World

In 1973, Bruno Klaus hosted the Romanian Men’s and Women’s Olympic Team for exhibitions and training, and since then countless National Teams have followed in their footsteps. Today, we open our doors year-round to State, Regional, National, and International organizations for clinics, competitions, and training opportunities. For example, in the past few years we have hosted the Region 7 Men’s State Team Competition, USA Gymnastics’ W300 and W400 Courses, the Australian Junior National Team, the Uzbekistan Women’s National Team, and the Colombian Men’s National Team.

To inquire about space and availability, please email us.

Chalk It Up, the Movie

Chalk It Up is this generation’s next great gymnastics movie. Written by and starring Maddy Curley of Stick It, Chalk it Up follows the college life of Apple (Curley), super girly-girl who has recently been dumped by her “future husband”. Deciding to do everything she can to win him back, Apple starts the first college gymnastics team at her school. Apple and her new teammates realize the importance of teamwork, friendship, and never giving up. Chalk It Up was filmed at IGC under the direction of IGC Camp Director and Executive Producer Brent Klaus, and lucky IGC campers also got the opportunity to be extras in the film!

Chalk It Up is now available for purchase on DVD, as well as available on Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix. Head over to the Chalk It Up website to order your copy today!

Pro Gymnastics Challenge

Almost twenty years ago, IGC Camp Director, Brent Klaus, began working on a concept new to the gymnastics world: an action-packed, skill-for-skill battle between the world’s best gymnasts. The concept grew from in-house competitions at IGC, to friendly “battles” between college teams, to the live Evolution event of 2011, to the final product of the Pro Gymnastics Challenge (PGC). PGC features Olympic and world-renowned gymnasts, battling for the title in a competition like nothing else in the gymnastics circuit. Watch this space for updates on the next major event in the PGC series.

History of Gymnastics Museum

We are proud to host the History of Gymnastics Museum, featuring equipment, photographs, artifacts, awards, memorabilia, and documents from the mid 1800s onwards. It is, as far as we know, one of only two collections of historic gymnastics material in the United States, and a great opportunity for the gymnasts of today to learn about the gymnastics of the past. The collection is currently housed in the central lobby of the main IGC administration offices. We have just begun plans and permits for a new building that will house an expanded museum!