Practice for Camp

A little bit of preparation for camp goes a long way! It helps your child arrive excited and feeling prepared, in addition to reinforcing many of the normal life lessons you are already teaching your child at home.


Join Kount on Kindness

IGC created the now international program Kount on Kindness to help young people learn to take care of one another by teaching the social benefits of unselfishness and connection.

IGC launched this campaign to promote kindness at camp, inside local gym clubs, and throughout the community. The goal is to foster a supportive workout environment where everyone feels safe, accepted, and included. We are delighted that gym clubs on three continents now participate in the Kount on Kindness program.

Every camper will actively participate in the Kount on Kindness program while at camp. IGC Celebrities are Kount on Kindness Ambassadors, role modeling that behavior for the campers. All campers are encouraged to sign up in advance of camp at, if their club does not already participate.