Kindness at Gymnastics Summer Camp

  • BY: IGC Team
  • January 3, 2023
Kindness at Gymnastics Summer Camp.Gymnasts at IGC showing the Kount on Kindness hand sign.

Kount on Kindness

With our Kount on Kindness campaign, our gymnastics summer camp leads the way by teaching young people to take care of one another. Kount on Kindness aims to increase caring behavior by teaching campers the social benefits of unselfishness and connection. Kount on Kindness is designed to create a workout environment where everyone feels safe and accepted for a mutual sense of belonging, to celebrate team diversity and treat everyone with respect and kindness and to support a place where gymnastics athletes, parents and coaches work in harmony to promote kindness.

Our Goal

Our goal is that every camper leaves summer camp even more in love with gymnastics than when they arrived: inspired and motivated by their own accomplishments, the gymnasts they trained with at camp, and our IGC staff’s kindness, encouragement and support.

“Campers at IGC are always looking out for one another. Just as the coaches spot us in the gym and our counselors support us around camp, the kids care for one another. Young gymnasts work hard to improve their strength, flexibility and routines. And, our Kount on Kindness program will challenge everyone to improve their friendships and sportsmanship. We all know that it feels good to get a smile or a high-five. Most of us also know that it feels bad to be left out or treated unkindly. At IGC the young people always welcome new campers, encourage one another and speak up if they see unkind behavior. When we work together, it makes everyone feel good. Remember, it’s not just how you perform as an individual, it also matters how you treat one another. Kount on Kindness!” – Dr. Chris Thurber

Kount on Kindness Award

Each week at IGC campers are nominated by their coaches and counselors to receive a Kount on Kindness award in recognition of their dedication to the kindness philosophies at IGC. Receiving the Kount on Kindness award is a testament to our IGC campers making a conscious effort to create a workout environment where everyone feels safe and accepted, to celebrate team diversity and to treat everyone with respect and kindness and to support gymnasts, parents, coaches, and the gymnastics community working in harmony to promote kindness.

International Gymnastics Camp

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