Mr and Ms IGC 2017 Contest

  • BY: Brent
  • August 8, 2017
group of teens at gymnastics camp

This past Wednesday evening, IGC hosted the annual Mr and Ms IGC Contest. It was a great night, filled with lots of fun, amazing skills, beautiful gymnastics, smiles, and laughs!

At the beginning of the summer, staff members selected a partner with whom to perform and created an entertaining routine to perfect throughout the summer. All of the couples choreographed their own routines to their choice of music. Routines could feature any gymnastics and dance stunts they chose to include.

Campers and other staff prepared for the exciting evening by making signs with staff members’ names on them to root for them. Campers enjoyed seeing their counselors and coaches perform different stunts, and were cheering and clapping for each couple throughout the night.

Five couples performed, and everyone did an amazing job! Routines ranged from beautiful lyrical pieces, which gave our campers chills to watch, to upbeat performances that couldn’t help but make you smile.

As an IGC first, after the first round, two couples were tied for first place. It came down to the wire, with couples Toby & Nerea and Gabriel & Aisling both selected to perform again. Ultimately, the title of Mr and Ms IGC went to two of our gymnastics coaches, Nerea & Toby! Second place winners were Aisling & Gabe, and third place winners were Day Camp’s Beth & Liam.

Toby’s Mr IGC title was his second in a row, having also won in 2016 with his partner Holly! We are all wondering if he will be the one to beat once again in 2018…?

Toby and Nerea summed the experience up for everyone: “We are so happy that our hard work paid off! Congratulations to all of the couples – it was awesome seeing everyone’s routines come together on the night. Gymnastics was truly the winner of the day!”