Week 1 of Summer Camp 2017 at IGC

  • BY: Brent
  • June 16, 2017
gymnastics coaches

The first week of summer camp is already coming to a close at IGC! Week 1 has been an incredible week for all of the campers, coaches, celebrities, and IGC staff.

Aloha Summer Week

Aloha Summer Week started off on a huge high note! It was an amazing way to kick off the beginning of the summer. From the second our campers and their families arrived at check-in, you could see the excitement in everyone’s faces. After check-in, campers found out which cabin they would be staying in and met all of their new cabin pals! Before saying goodbye to their families for the week, our camp families were able to look around IGC and see some glimpses of all of the fun that was ahead.

Our IGC celebrities, Gabby Douglas, Jake Dalton, and Steve Legendre were a huge hit with our campers. This was Gabby’s first time coming to IGC to experience camp, while Jake joined us for his 5th year. Steve on the other hand was a camper here from the age of 8, and has been coming back to IGC for about 11 years now! Steve will also be here during Week 2.

Our campers were extremely thrilled that they were able to meet our three amazing celebrities, train alongside of them, hear about their gymnastics careers, and be given gymnastics advice from each of them.

When campers weren’t in the gyms working on their gymnastics skills, they enjoyed all of the other aspects of camp. Whether they were rock climbing or zip lining at Scary Aerie, sliding down the water slide, or playing recreational games like space ball, one thing remained true: everyone had a great time!

While it is a bittersweet feeling that Week 1 is coming to an end, we are very excited to see what the rest of camp will have in store for all of us!

campers doing backflips campers sitting in bunk group of campers in gymnastics leotards  Jake and camper2 campers playing with a ball on the trampoline group of girls smiling