What NOT to Pack for Gymnastics Camp

  • BY: IGC
  • May 15, 2023
camper and counselor

When considering what to pack for gymnastics camp, we also naturally have to consider what NOT to pack for gymnastics camp. IGC has compiled a list of a few things that are either not permitted at camp or things that are not recommended you bring to camp. 

Items Not Permitted at Gymnastics Camp

  • Cell phones
  • Cameras
  • Laptops
  • MP3 Players and iPods
  • Electronic Readers
  • Tablets
  • I-watches and similar devices
  • All electronics and social media devices

If your camper is in possession of any of these devices it will be removed and stored in the camp office until departure. Cell phones, cameras and similar media devices may compromise a camper’s safety and privacy. We take the safety and privacy of our campers very seriously and know that you do, too.

Note: Flight campers may store their cell phones and travel documents in our office for the length of their stay at IGC.

Items Not Recommended at Gymnastics Camp

  • Team Leotards or Warm-ups
  • Jewelry
  • Items of sentimental value

Questions About Packing for Gymnastics Camp

If you have questions or concerns about packing for gymnastics camp or about anything camp related, don’t hesitate to fill out our question form or reach out to us