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Gymnastics Olympians at IGC!

​Since 1971 International Gymnastics Camp has been proud to host Olympic, world and national team members and coaches from around the globe. The world-renowned gymnastics athletes and coaches that come to IGC throughout the summer whether it be for a few days or a few weeks, continue to inspire our IGC campers with their wealth […]

What to Expect at Gymnastics Camp

International Gymnastics Camp is committed to providing a kind, healthy & safe environment for all our campers in all aspects of camp life. IGC programs across the board are built on the foundation of enriching every camper’s love for gymnastics, developing social skills, making lifelong friendships, enhancing teamwork skills, gaining independence and making camp magic […]

Gymnastics Camp In the Fall!

We are thrilled to launch our IGC Fall programs! Bringing together the gymnastics community in a kind, safe, healthy & fun environment has been our passion for 50 years and now we’re offering the camp magic awesomeness in all the seasons, not just summer!! Check out our Fall Programs Page for more info!