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Harry Potter Week 2017 at IGC

The much-anticipated Harry Potter Week at IGC was as wonderful and magical as one could imagine! When we first started planning our summer themes of the week, we were extremely excited for all of them. However, there was one that stood out in particular—Harry Potter Week! It was the newest summer theme, and it certainly […]

The Importance of Unplugging at Summer Camp

At IGC, we strongly believe that unplugging at summer camp has major benefits for our campers. Nowadays, everything is easily accessible through our electronic devices. Whether it be on our smart phones, tablets, or watches, content is readily available at our fingertips. It is easy to become distracted and disengage ourselves from our surroundings. Rather […]

Hollywood Week 2017 at IGC

The stars were completely aligned during Hollywood Week at IGC! Week 2 was a fantastic week, but sadly, it is coming to an end. One of the biggest highlights of Week 2 were without a doubt our IGC Celebrities, which set the perfect tone for Hollywood Week! Our campers went wild for Laurie Hernandez, Jana […]

Kount on Kindness at IGC

Kount on Kindess Initiative At International Gymnastics Camp, we take pride in our Kount on Kindness initiative. It is our goal to make camp a happy and fun experience. Through Kount on Kindness, gymnasts, coaches and the whole gymnastics community all have the ability to create a positive gymnastics environment. This is incredibly important at […]

Week 1 of Summer Camp 2017 at IGC

The first week of summer camp is already coming to a close at IGC! Week 1 has been an incredible week for all of the campers, coaches, celebrities, and IGC staff. Aloha Summer Week Aloha Summer Week started off on a huge high note! It was an amazing way to kick off the beginning of […]

Sean Golden Announced for Week 9 at IGC

We are very excited to announce that Sean Golden will be coming to IGC this summer! Camp Weeks He will be here for camp during week 9. Gymnastics Career From a very young age, it was absolutely clear that Sean had a natural talent for gymnastics. In his childhood home, he would jump and flip […]